Monday Has Never Been Better Than Today

This is what I saw on getting out of bed .It's on zoom and  way over the RBB , two huge roads & visible from every window .Filming was a must. There are four people up there ( the fourth behind the letter L ) Prior to this shot much had taken place and thanks to the crows I filmed all. .It shows team work and even with full zoom the men look like ants .Why so special ? Every year this huge complex hosts international exhibitions My favourite being IFA .All things techno , cameras the lot , and my favourite .This year is the 200th year of Berlin exhibitions and celebrations will take place with hopefully IFA going ahead in Autumn. Messe Berlin is all things wonderful , rather like the Funkturm Restaurant next to it ( which is hoping to reopen at Easter  ! These last two years have seemed empty .Fingers crossed  this goes ahead .I've applied for a ticket . Life in Berlin is special . A city which has forests, lakes and nature galore , plus exhibitions , events and culture ..Makes me happy .

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