Thirty One

Well, I don't know how it's the end of the month already?! Time is flying way too fast for my liking.

F went back to work today - I'll admit to being slightly anxious that it would be too much for him and so I lurked around the area in case I was needed for an earlier pick-up than arranged.

He made it to lunchtime and I managed not to get blown away by whichever storm was blasting cold drafts everywhere!

He's spent the afternoon resting as he's in a bit of discomfort but going to to do the same tomorrow when his desk may be re-arranged so he can work standing up. 

Ickworth is always good photographic fodder and I've processed this shot with a nod to Mono Monday. Often this view is utterly crowded with tourists but I only had to wait for one person to move on and one other to take a similar snap today :) 

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