Fatima's story

Fatima recently had ENT surgery to restore her hearing on board IMPACT's Jibon Tari floating hospital in she describes her journey:

'I am Fatima and have been suffering from ear pain for last four years. My father took me to doctors several times and bought some medicines for me. I remained well for few days but the same problem appeared again... I could not attend school regularly due to ear pain and high fever.

Last year, while I visited doctor due to ear pain, he told me that I need ear surgery immediately without what I can lose my hearing. My parents got shocked considering cost involvement for this surgery. As far I know, they were saving little money for my wedding purpose, but it was not enough for the surgery.

One day my teacher along came to visit me, as I was absent from school for long days. They suggested my father to take me to IMPACT Jibon Tari hospital.
I went and the Medical Officer advised me surgery. My ear surgery was performed successfully. Now, I have no ear pain and I am going to school regularly. My aim is to be a school teacher in future.

Thanks to Jibon Tari and all behind it to rescue me from such sufferings!'

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