Covered in Gold

I took my macro lens (and camera obviously) on a leisurely walk around the playing fields and wood this morning, and was really surprised to see how much is bursting forth.  Lots of snowdrops and of course the Lonicera, which is always one of the first to come into bud.

Several robins were singing in the trees and I could hear the nuthatches deep in the wood, but the biggest surprise was looking up into the canopy to see this hazel overflowing with catkins.

Dry January ended with a brandy when I got back from camera club last night.  I popped into Aldi on my way home to pick up several pots of day and night cream, it's such good value and feels nourishing.  It was almost 10 p.m. when I got there so there were only about three other people in the store.  

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