A day filled with bits of this and that.

I cleaned up all the beads from my last bead weaving project and put them away and got out the beads needed for my next project. :-)

I also filed away the Tuscan patterns and a couple of other ones I have recently gotten.

I decided that I next needed to go through the US Quarter collections I have for my niece, nephews & mum and determine just what is needed to complete each of them.

I went through all of Kent’s quarters and found 5 that I needed. Yay

I went to Hudson’s and got the machine screw & nut needed to put one of my dancing flamingos back on her toes in the backyard.

I then began cooking something that I could have for a very late lunch myself and that Kent could take to work for lunch tomorrow.

I was pretty much watching Emily in Paris all day as I did my various tasks, so nothing was done in a hurry and it was a nice laid back day

I had thought today would be a great day for bird photos but we had a few stray showers and I didn’t see much in the way of birds but lots of squirrels.

These tulips are in my January BulbBasket. A promise of spring as much of the country get hit by yet another tough winter storm.

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