By TrishaR


Ken is over from Rome picking up an old cherokee jeep to drive back. We learned that (surprise (not)) that their energy crisis is nowhere as bad as the UK. I also read today that Living Standards here in the good old United Kingdom are set to plummet to their lowest since records began. It’s sickeneing. What an absolute sh*t show. Just thought would drop this into the diary.

I had a cardio workout first thing then met them in Nero . They decided they wanted a Murray’s pie and beans for lunch and I had a chicken and falafel on pitta. I don’t yearn for this as I don’t like these beans or the pies. But they enjoyed it. I went for a walk while they finished and Ken sorted out his ferry ticket and Covid test. We had a drive to Gloagburn as he wanted some big rounds of cheese to take back home. Another thing on my list I don’t like - cheese!

Had a game of Ticket to Ride which was a draw with S and I - K wasn’t happy being last….

I made my tea and they went down to Tabla for an Indian then Back to play some uninteresting battle game while I finished of that Netflix series with the long Title about a woman in the window.

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