By Ridgeback13


Brighter day than we’d feared, and apart from a sleet shower mid afternoon it was pretty sunny most of the time although very cold.
We had a slowish start to the morning and I made pancakes and bacon (somewhat over crispy if that’s possible) with maple syrup for breakfast, then I did some more of my writing task and A pootled around until time to take Paisley for her run in the big field. We wanted to wear her out before meeting V, K and his dog Taran. The meet up went well….initial mad barking and jumping etc as usual but then she calmed right down when Taran clearly paid her absolutely no attention and didn’t even react when she was at her worst. We think she’s maybe been attacked by a dog in the past since she’s much more nervous when he was behind her, and never totally relaxed although she did calm down enough to walk and then stand right next to him. I think she’d eventually get even more used to him, but K thinks it won’t necessarily generalise to her learning to trust strange dogs on walks which is a bit depressing. Still, it was great to see her acclimatising even if only to him. Maybe we could try a walk with them next to see if she’d be calmer around other dogs if she was with one she trusted.
Home and A started to make more cinnamon buns this time for her to take to work and I made a one pot chicken bake for supper. Watched the Green Planet then after supper she decided to go for a super early night…think she’s as tired as Paisley!

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