Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


So I'm back to Munich and back at the office. We finished the first heavier workload of the year in the hop fields today morning just after sunrise. Afterwards I checked into the office, just to find a shitload of rather a lot of work on my desk. And I was hoping for a quiet day after this early start - quite a bit of a miscalculation on my side. Not even halfway through the pile I already have had to leave, because I had to be at the university for a meeting with my adviser and some more fun hours in the library.

So it was already rather late for my blip. I decided to add another entry to my series of long exposure night shots without tripod, after Allianz Arena and Mae West. What you see are two (yes, those are actually two) of Munich's very few high rises (i.e. buildings higher than 100 metres), the Highlight Towers. With a high of 126 metres and 113 metres respectively they rank number two and four in the list of the highest buildings in Munich (and probably will keep their position, as it is now prohibited to build any structures taller than 99 metres in the city). In front of the towers you see the new Tram and pedestrian bridge over the Mittlerer Ring urban motorway.

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