Hiding from the DIY

A DIY day today. We needed to investigate a potential leak that's affecting our downstairs neighbour. We already know there must be a leak in the roof as it's causing a lot of damp in our bathroom ceiling - but we wanted to check that there was nothing else that could be causing the damp in our neighbour's ceiling.

Tim very cleverly bought an endoscope camera the other day, so we spent quite a bit of time poking that around in various holes (up through the boxed-in stack, using the electric socket hole, and through the light fitting in the ceiling). Annoyingly our toilet cistern is completely boxed in and sealed, so the only way to get a look at that was to cut an access hole alongside the bath. Also annoyingly, we discovered that there does seem to be a small leak from alongside the overflow pipe on the cistern. We solved the immediate problem by putting a tray in to catch the drips; now to think of a longer term solution.... (Given that the cistern is still mostly inaccessible. Top tip for the future, never box in your plumbing so that you can't get at it again!)

Feeling completely exhausted today, so had a very relaxed evening after all that, and watched the first episode of the new Reacher series on Amazon Prime.

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