By Sparkey

New Toys!! Woo-hoo!!

Little bit of money came my way - annual bonus at work then an unexpected gift from my gran to her favourite grandson (thanks gran!) - so I decided to splash out a bit. These are the new toys that arrived today.

I've upgraded from my beloved Canon EOS 600D to her bigger sister, the 60D. Battery is charging as we speak and I can't wait to take her for a test drive.

Also upgraded from my trusty EF 75-300mm USM II lens to the EF 70-300mm IS USM. The old gal has been great, and I especially like the moon shots I've been able to get, but I'm hoping the Image Stabiliser in the new lens will make it easier to get those craters in crisp focus.

Two more lenses have also been ordered, but they have not arrived yet. Hope they arrive soon.

Jeez, I feel like a kid who can't wait for Christmas morning! I'm really just a big kid!!

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