So! The wicked witch has gone at last. After one last bowlful of Weetabix, I ran her down to the station and waved her away. And then, I went off boatwards - after all, I hadn't been to check on things since Saturday! Gasp. Euan and I poodled about a bit in the east harbour until G decided we'd been having too much fun and press-ganged us into a bit of the old sinker and buoyage maintenance round in the west harbour.
And that would have been it, except that I was back down later on for committee chinwaggery. Oh, and a couple of wheat beers. And the Falko chappy showed up (minus his jalopy on this occasion) - he's bringing his boat up from North Berwick tomorrow. A welcoming party may be in order.
And Mrs T has passed away! May the Lord have mercy on her soul.

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