The Flight Of The Gulls

Early every morning a large flock of gulls fly past the house, there must be at least a hundred ( they go by too fast to count). They travel in groups, the largest of which contain about half of their number.  The groups get  smaller until  the final stragglers are in ones and twos.  They return at dusk. I have never managed to capture a shot of them, but this morning as I opened the curtains in the back bedroom the first group were just going past.  By the time I reached for my camera another two groups had gone past, so this blip shows only a small group.  But I was so thrilled to get a shot at all, that although the quality is poor I wanted to record them.  I am assuming they are black headed gulls.  
They must have known it is Wednesday so perfect for the Wild Wednesday challenge.  Thank you to Cailleach for hosting.

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