The last few days have been busy ones. Today is the 5th year anniversary of the police murder of Moose Hayes, and Silent Voices is streaming again. 

Elizabeth, the youngest member of our cast (now turning 15, she plays a member of the chorus and reads actual--mostly vile--comments published at the time of the deaths of the principal characters) wanted us to document the production with an IMDb page.  

Signing in wasn't hard, but creating a page for our movie has taken hours and hours and hours. Each time I add a name or a detail, I have to fill out several forms and submit them to be verified, and at the moment there are still 7 changes pending, but I have succeeded in posting the names of all but one of the actors and the names of all but one of the crew. The synopsis is still being vetted, and my bio has not yet been approved. When someone has the same name as someone else in the data base, everything takes much longer. But it's in the works. If you have time to click on this last link, it may help the algorithm. At the moment, when I go to IMDb and search for Silent Voices, I get an episode of Vera. Elizabeth believes it is good to have a public record, and I am very sure that her generation understands this far better than mine.

If anyone has the time and patience and wants to leave a user review (scroll down about halfway), that would be fabulous. One of the crew just wrote to me, "I think that in some strange immaterial way, this all has an impact." May it be so.

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