David J. Rose

By djrose007

Amer Solar Lantern Saga!

The lamp, which is conveniently lighting up the bird feeder in case any get back to the garden after a late night out on the town, gives a nice touch to the arches.
It is from 'Olive and Sage', the company Marlane gets the garden fairies from, and it is called the Amer Solar Lantern, so I've had the French song 'La Mer' in my head all day!
The saga bit is that Marlane bought three of them in October. I hung them in the arches and they have never worked, not a flicker of light from the LED's.
Yesterday we decided to investigate and I, being the wonderous technical genius that I am, found the problem very quickly.
If you take the top part off there is a little switch which has 'On' and 'Off' positions. 
I flicked them to 'On' and Voila, there was light. So they've been hanging there 3 months switched off. This was, of course, planned so that they had  plenty of time to charge the battery!

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