One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Play the blues, Deep Blue

Another significant date for the Raheny family Omicron relay team (we are almost as clinical as the USA 4 x 400m Olympic team). 
Finn's self test was negative! It is after all day 8 for him. I was just telling Luca after we did our own self tests this morning that if we managed to not catch Covid, we could fashion ourselves little Great Escapist medals. We had a laugh. And a cup of tea. And then I saw the faint second line on my little plastic dominomicron... Faint, but definitely there. 
Aw bollix. I managed to get a PCR test done within the hour (the advantage of living in a big city) and I am pretty sure that my positivity will be confirmed by SMS tomorrow. 
The thing is I have shag all symptoms. No headache, no cough, no shortness of breath. No dreaded loss of taste (thank f*** for that, would life be worth living?!) Ok, yesterday morning my throat felt a bit dry in the morning I thought nothing of it. I assumed it was from sleeping with my mouth open and happily snoring through my deep uninterrupted sleep. And then yesterday evening I felt rather tired but I assumed it was normal to feel thus after a week of cooking and delivering three meals a day to the isolating masses, and sanitising everything everywhere afterwards, and doing the shopping in the evening, oh and sorting the paperwork for the heart lung machines and finding a new supplier of collodion in Portugal (so that I can stick two fingers up to the very customer unfriendly brexiteer supplier in Dorset).
Anyways, the short of it is that I have it. Even after wearing an FFP2 mask at all times in the house and not entering the "infected" rooms and having cracked skin on my hands from all the soaping and bleaching and sanitising. 
Luca really is shitting bricks at this stage. But as I have said from the beginning if anyone has half the shadow of the probability of a tenuous chance of not catching it, it's him. 
Not that it is particularly debilitating. He has seen his brother and sister going through one day of feeling under the weather and then lounging for a week in their pyjamas and stuffing themselves with sweets and watching crap videos on YouTube. Not the most daunting of prospects. But he still has two remaining mock exams (history and religion) and a strong desire to do the week long theatre workshop with his troupe during the midterm break. He should be ready for having his plans disrupted. 

On the other side of the coin, there is his little bro who finished his isolation today. And timely it was too. Bemasked and proud as punch, he headed off to Tesco with a rucksack on his back and my debit card in his back pocket. It was very touching to see my little hair(less) hunter heading off on the savannah. 
Not only did he set off in search of food, he also cooked our evening meal and I was delighted to have my crispy chicken burger and spicy wedges delivered to my desk in the attic. 
He looked so proud and totally in control in his cook's apron. 

I could get used to this positivity thing!

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