Penguin Droppings

By gen2


This is a puzzle of the form:

BLACK - (_____) - ROOM where you have to find the link word.
It is 'board' in this example, giving 'black board' and 'board room'.

But this photographic version is maybe a little harder.
Can you work out all three words represented by my blip?

Answers on a postcard please.

It was a real challenge creating this as I couldn't find a set-up like this in real life so each element had to be photographed separately and then combined in GIMP.  I hope you can't see the joins, but to do this properly requires much more time than I have available to me.

There are no tags yet so there are no clues.

This is the final theme (Connected) for our photo soc. challenge.
As for your challenge, I think most of you found it too easy.
It was of course: Traffic-jam-jar.

I was planning to make it look more like a traffic jam with two rows of cars but ran out of time.

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