Freedom Day

It was the most glorious sunny, calm day today.  We went walking with our Tuesday morning group, did the supermarket shopping, then came home for lunch.  I received a text at 13:44 from the Covid Healthline telling me that I was due to be released today and would be contacted to ensure I could be released safely from self-isolation.  Oops!!  Too late, I’d already been out and about.  On the way home from picking up a couple of side tables we’d ordered and paid for I spotted a whale’s tail at Mission Bay, so we stopped and went to have a look.  That’s when I got a phone call from the Covid Response Team to check that I didn’t have any symptoms and that I’d had the required two negative tests.  I was a bit naughty and didn’t let on where I was or that I’d already been out for a walk and to do some shopping.  After checking that the negative tests had been recorded I was sent an email “releasing” me from quarantine.

The blip is of a whale’s tail quite different from any we’ve seen so far.  This one is called Moby Brick.  Here is the artist’s explanation - “I wanted to take the Whale Tail as far from the water and a whale's natural habitat as possible. I was thinking of an
urban material. I’d almost disguise my Tail and blend it into a city environment: Bricks. There is also an environmental message... As humans encroach on the whales' habitat there is less space for them to be, so now they are trying to share the world's oceans with humans.”

The number of new Covid-19 cases has dropped from yesterday’s high, with 744 recorded in the community.

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