A windmill without sails (Widwed160222)

Out early(ish) intending to beat the incoming dire weather I had a trip up to Chesterton Windmill as I thought I might get either a back light shot, or some high speed clouds. As it turned out it was just windy and grey, windy enough for me to put a little downward pressure on the tripod while shooting.

As you can see, the mill is still without it's sails, which might be a good thing for when Storm Eunice arrives on Friday.
I used a polarising filter to dim the sky a little, and combined three shots as an HDR to keep some detail in the stonework.   I've reduced the saturation in the grass too as it looked lurid as it was.
A monochrome version in the extra.
Both are better seen in large!

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday on the theme of a local place.

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