Beautifully presented.....

Plans went a bit awry today.  I asked Mr C yesterday if he had booked for lunch today and he said no there would be no problem – guess what, they were full.  We did though book for the car run in May!
We then went to our local town and tried the main restaurant there, and yes, they had a spare table for us, so all was well.   It was more expensive, but we both had what is probably my favourite dish of Steak Tartare. It was served with ratatouille in the ‘flower pot’.  Mr C had the same as me, but served with chips instead of Ratatouille.  I would not have had it at the original restaurant, I have never seen it on the menu there.  We then had Tarte Tatin for dessert which was superb.  All in all, I am almost glad that the first place was full :-)))))

We went to the local supermarket afterwards to get the ingredients for an Asiatic wasp/hornet bottle.  The bottle, plus instructions arrived at our door yesterday, it seems everyone is getting them.  They must have 100ml brown beer, 100ml white wine and 100ml Syrup Cassis added.  They then have to be hung undercover but outside.  The only place we had was the roof overhang next to where the shed is for the heating oil.  Each bottle has 3 small holes in the top.  Presumably, they can get in through them and then get drunk!   Apparently, bees are not tempted by the concoction.  If I see a bee in there it will be taken down!

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday.  Please keep safe, especially those that are experiencing very high winds in the UK.  Have a fab weekend and take care.

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