Marking Time

By Libra

Travels with my Sat.Nav

Here’s where my sat nav took me today.  Instead of Cambus pool, a wetland nature reserve, I found myself at the end of a dirt track staring at these strange derelict buildings. Does anyone know their origin? They seemed to be dozens of them.
This mini adventure had taken me through the Bandeath Industrial estate, home to Stirling Behavioural Dog Training Centre and Paws for Autism.
Only when it ordered me to continue for another quarter of a mile along a road which had deteriorated into a dirt track riddled with pot holes  (there is something about the voice of a sat nav which make you compelled to obey it) did I rebel.
So I asked two dog walkers.
They pointed in the direction of the Ochil’s several miles away and added that there was the small matter, or not so small, of a major river, the Forth in the way.
At which point I thanked them and returned home. Why do we believe technology is infallible? Do you have any horror stories of sat navs leading you astray?
As for Storm Eunice, this has passed us by with little ore than some strong winds this morning and an early morning light dusting of snow.
But my thoughts go out to all those down south who have been in its path.

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