Bike Shed Mk I, which I made out of a large plastic sheet over a reworked clothes airer, was intended to last 5 months. Twelve months later the plastic sheet perished and I covered the airer with an even less tasteful plastic bag from a mattress. That's been biodegrading for a while and today, unsurprisingly, the wind finished the job.

Tomorrow I'll use my last large sheet of plastic to make Mk III and hope it lasts until the builders arrive.

This evening I went to see Pedro Almodóvar's Parallel Mothers. As well as parallel mothers there are parallel stories, the whole bound together by an exploration of family<generations>history. Definitely worth seeing but I haven't finished unravelling it yet.

Oh, and the use of colour is superb. If my house ever gets as far as being rebuilt I will revisit if for vibrant inspiration.

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