Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal


Didn’t get a great night sleep last night for some reason. Dropped the dogs off at day care and then into work. Finished early again for my 30 minute mental health break to collect the dogs. While we were down with mum, she had a few things she had sorted out, one of them was dad’s ticket to the 1966 world cup final which I brought home. When I opened up the little sleeve it was in there were a load more tickets in there including a semi final ticket and a ticket to the 1960 FA cup final between Dad’s team Blackburn Rovers and Wolves, unfortunately they lost 3-0. Thinking of getting the World Cup tickets framed for the back room. Someone we saw at the weekend has had a positive LFT, 12 days before we go on holiday. Fingers crossed, as the way our luck is going we won’t be on holiday, Ahhh

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