"I know."

The wall will not remain blue but we happened to have some light blue paint left in the cupboard (not sure why... the bathroom was once possibly light blue though I can't think when) which was deemed suitable as a first coat on the only wall currently dry enough to warrant painting-over. The ceiling is also perfectly dry but the ceiling doesn't have to have all painting-work completed before the radiator can be replaced. The ceiling got a little bit of attention in the form of a reduction to the height of the light; before the slight lowering of the ceiling the light would occasionally be struck by a flailing arm during the dressing or rucksack-loading processes but was now at head-hitting-height and required significant alteration.

After a bit of poking on various websites it seems that we might also have a solution to the issue of there now being lots of extra space above the cupboards but not enough to fit an extra set of normal-depth cupboards as was originally plotted. As always happens when painting I started hating the people who make the holders of paint rollers for making them so easily-bent. I always say that when I have a spare moment I'll devise a way of combining two roller-holders to reduce the amount of flex in the handle but never get round to doing anything as rollers are generally hidden away in a cupboard somewhere the minute they stop being used. There are at least three rolling-pads and two holders in a cupboard somewhere I could experiment with as a fresh unit was bought yesterday in anticipation of not being able to find the existing gear. At least I found the spare broom handle to make pressing the roller against the wall slightly easier. The wall is now entirely covered and the blue paint finished so tomorrow should hopefully see an earlier finish from work, a second white coat on the main wall and some neighbouring walls also initialised, hopefully including the bit behind where the little radiator has to go so that we can get our floor back and have somewhere to hang towels again. At least with the lack of plasterbloke we shall no longer have to move things between rooms before leaving and after returning from work. Unless he comes back to fix his error.

I've never really noticed a vast amount of May Day-related activity in Edinburgh (as we don't get bank holidays (not even proper ones rather than those based on mythologies) and I'm therefore usually working) but the council had an extra security-bloke in a bright yellow security-tabard wandering around their West Port premises this morning apparently checking for rampaging anti-globalists. Most people in our building had apparently been granted permission to wear proper normal clothes (in case, as during the G8 protests, someone tried to steal their entry pass) but our manager had either failed to pass this on to us or had just refused to let us participate.

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