Little face

I only realised today that my crochet hook has a little face!  I made it to the half way point on my blanket (extra).

It was nice to have the day off but we couldn’t go far as the builders are still about. I told Leo we could have a mini trip out and he could choose where to go.  We ended up at McDonald’s at the services as that was the only place he wanted to go and he fancied a breakfast muffin around 10.30 after a power nap!

The builders are here Tuesday and Friday which means we get a couple of days of peace so I will have to plan something nice for those days. I am meeting a friend on Wednesday for brekkie and a catch up in Exeter. Ian is away in London those days so I have Leo on the case to decide what he fancies doing - hopefully not another trip to McDonalds!

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