Thank you for that Franklin!

We thought we'd got away with the three storms we've had this past week. Dudley was the first, not too bad. Second came Eunice, worse, wind was terrible and lots of rain.
Third storm was Franklin, didn't seem too bad but the gusts got pretty fierce, and there was a lot of heavy rain.
I'd been down the side of our house, where the 'vegetable' patch is, just the day before Franklin and the plastic covered greenhouse was fine.
Looked yesterday and it was a wreck, as in top left picture. I'd already picked some of the plants that were sheltering in there over the winter.
Others were underneath the debris so I had to start sorting it out and see what I could salvage. 
A few of the plastic fittings were snapped and others cracked so I used strong garden wire to secure the poles together. Second picture on the top.
I put the cover over but didn't finish it until today, all the previous work was done 'in the dark, but there is a strong LED streetlamp just by the side of us so it wasn't really dark.
Today, I first of all repaired the zippy up door. Stapled the rips along the line of the zips and reinforced with silver 'gaffer tape' or 'duct tape' most people call it.
I redid the tapes that hold the cover to the poles but I wasn't happy with that as the bottom is quite loose, which is why the wind got underneath it and lifted it all up.
I went around the bottom using the garden wire to pull the cover tight and twisting the wire around the bottom, horizontal, poles.
I also used some nylon rope to tie the poles together the entire length and height of the frame and secured the bottom poles to the ground with heavy duty tent pegs.
There was a big gap along the right hand side, as you look at it, and I filled along there with bricks, for support and to prevent the wind getting under it. It's not a great looking job but I never professed to being a bricky!
A good job, I hope. The proof will be in the next storm.
The fourth photo is just to show that we now have a pair of collared doves. They've been coming for a couple of days now, I'm hoping they will be nesting in the garden alongside the Wood Pigeons, Blackbirds, Robins and the Wrens but I've never been able to spot where the Wrens nest or if they are just occasional visitors.

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