By SamAgainPlease

Ellie's view

Ellie (our dog) is not home yet.  So this is not her view yet but it may be from tomorrow onwards for a week or two.  Her operation was successful (or, as they say, they were "very happy with it") and we saw an x-ray of the miracle of modern canine surgery (it is pretty impressive to be honest).

We picked her up and, as recommended, took her to the 24 vet hospital for observation and pain management etc.  She was very glad to see us (of course -  but then dog resentments last no more than about 10 seconds) and she was pretty dozy when we got to the other end of the trip (about 30 mins).  And, of course, she did not want to get out at yet another strange place...

Anyway, we pick her up again at about noon tomorrow and then begins what may be the hardest part, keeping her from boredom for the few weeks that she will be "confined to quarters".

I can only be grateful that I can have her in my life and be lucky enough to be in a position where we can use what we've earned to care for her as we care for ourselves.  Blessed!

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