Wide Wednesday - A Body of Water

This is the local lake which is quite a nice small body of water.

Most of the ibis have decamped to cooler places for a while they’ll be back at the end of the hot season.  Madame Black Swan made an appearance today and it looked like such an idyllic scene late this afternoon.

However just behind them is a Covid testing station and it was very busy today with long lines of cars as we have gone from 200 cases a day to 650 cases today eeeeek!!  Had to happen but no one was expecting that big jump in numbers!!!

In extras are a couple of shots I liked from today from the ‘other’ body of water nearby. I thought the two ducks in the shot with the red bush had their youngster with them but when I looked closer he was a ring-in and a very unusual ‘baby something’ just not sure what ;o).  
The pattern on the other babies in the reeds matched the patterns in the water, it was an awkward shot taken by leaning out through the fence and aiming the camera straight down and I couldn't get a clear shot!

I’m falling asleep and its only 9.30, sorry folks will catch up tomorrow night ;o)xxxxx

Thanks to RockArea for hosting WW ;o)

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