Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Agua Caliente

Translated would be ... Hot water. I guess if you find any in this wash when its hot out it would indeed be at least pretty warm.   I was intending on entering something for wide Wednesday but there aren't any bodies of water around here unless its some body's swimming pool!  Not sure if anyone really wants a shot of my daughter's pool!!  Any ways... Very windy here today with a few clouds and nice temps.   Thanks for stopping by and will get to journals as I can. Thanks for the comments on the last few blips and the stars also.  From what I can tell the humming bird would be a Costa's hummingbird.  Thanks to Piper's mom for the help!!! 
  Apparently there are Hot springs and swimming areas about 30 miles South of where I took this shot.  The map says that these areas are just about dry right now.  I am sure when the rains come back the springs will too. 

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