Echo Lake Bluffs

Ice shivered me to shape,
Heat into vapor.
I, one in the smoke's twist,
In the icicle's taper,

Diffused in the great hollow 
Of love's firmament,
Or narrowed to the fierce
defying element --

I, that have great wonder
At the atom's range,
Bow before the season's
Ultimate of change.

The Atom's Range, by Reitza Dine Wirtshafter

Picking up on yesterday's theme concerning the sublime and the mundane. The photo above was taken at a very popular summertime swimming spot. The fog was boiling over the Cadillac Cliffs, which curiously enough it was doing the last time I took a photo of them (from a different swimming location, when things were much greener). I also got some neat photos along Somes Pond and had a nice evening walk in the campground with Amy.

Then again, I ran a bunch of errands today, including going to Walmart, which, no offense to anyone who feels differently, is a place I tend to avoid if possible (after getting home my wife said, "No more plastic for awhile, ok?"). I spent some hours getting things done in my classroom as well, while the place was quiet. I also went to the town dump, where the extra was taken.

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