Far Canal

Wow, what a day. 

I have not seen any news. And I feel better for it. If you don't listen to the noise, you can pretend it doesn't exist.

After three attempts I had actually got my car booked in for an MOT.

The original venue was flooded and out of commission for the forseeable. 

At the death an alternative MOT station said they would fit me in if I could leave it for a few hours. 

I did, and am I pleased I did. I went for a walk through one of the most run down and derelict areas of Wolverhampton. 

Parkfields and it's exotic environs. 

And I met an amazing man who persuaded me that mankind is not all bad. And introduced me to his little dog, whom he had rescued from certain torture and death in Romania. 

I walked along one of the most depressing sections of canal I have ever seen. And took loads of pictures. 

When I got back I was presented with a certificate. It said Pass. 

Far canal. 

I am very happy. For now..... 

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