Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


Olympic stadium - and some building in the background.

Nothing to tell, or rather nothing I'm allowed to tell about. Anyways, nothing new.

So, today was a fine day regarding the weather, until it wasn't. Damn April weather caught me pants down (this time rhetorically) when I was driving home from that blip. It was totally fine until a surprising downpour started all of a sudden - I'm rather grateful that my camera backpack is waterproof...

Anyways, that's Munich's Olympic Stadium. It is obviously most famous for being the central venue of the 1972 Olympic Summer Games. However, today the structure's most prominent feature is the sweeping acrylic glass canopy roof, which was considered an architectural wonder at the time of construction. To the left in the background you see Munich's highest building, Hochhaus Uptown München, one of the most unimagniative high-rise buildings ever (in my opinion).

In other news, Bayern Munich won against Juventus Turin 2:0. Again. Not that they earned the win this time, but still... All in all we were the superior team. Again! And those damn Italian teams don't have any idea about football anyway! Semi-final here we come!

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