Stunningly beautiful, almost windless and warm day without a cloud in the sky. We had a (rushed!) walk over to brunch at Salt cafe and I had a delicious omelette Arnold Bennett which is one of my favourite ever brunch dishes, then we walked slowly back calling in at a few card shops for upcoming birthdays. The crocuses across the Meadows were looking gorgeous…a real carpet of white, purple and yellow. The daffodils are also on the way. Thank goodness the year has turned.
I was supposed to work all afternoon but after a cup of tea A suggested we went for a walk to make the most of the weather and we drove over to Yellowcraig. We dodged a few dogs so it was a lovely walk east along the beach as the tide went out so we had huge spaces to ourselves just as I’d hoped. Just gorgeous.
Stopped to get tea and mini fudge doughnuts at the farm shop, then at the supermarket to pick up some stuff for dinner. Whilst A gave Paisley then herself a shower to get rid of the sand I made some homemade tiny meatballs and tomato sauce with spaghetti….we guzzled it down as we watched Stanley Tucci in Naples and Campagna. We really want to return, but I’d better get better at my verb declensions before then!
Early night…I have an important week ahead, but today was good prep for it!

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