RSD Photo's SoCal Life

By rsdphotography

Up & Away

A travel day to our recently purchased "summer" home in Oceanside, CA. We arrived at the Zihuatanejo airport well in advance of our flight because we were taking a TON of luggage with us this trip. All went well and we had plenty of time to hang at the bar getting ready for the three and half hour flight. We landed at the Bradley International Terminal instead of usual Alaska Air Terminal 6, which made customs and immigration a breeze. All three of our checked bags made it, as did the large, television box full of art. It was a miracle as far as I was concerned. I did find out that I had dropped my phone while loading, and it was taken to the lost and found in Zihua. Not sure how I will get that back while down here, it may have to wait until I return in three weeks time.

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