Keith B

By keibr

Who shrunk Jan?

Actually Jan is still as tall as usual, but the doors to the cathedral are a little oversized. Visitors actually use a more normally proportioned door at the side of this one.
I'm putting in an extra of the cathedral's organ because we were here to listen to an organ concert. The instrument is at the back of the cathedral, on a balcony above the main entrance. If you look carefully you can see that the organist used to play the organ from a position inside the instrument!
However, now, thanks to the wonders of modern science, he can play at a distance, sitting at the front of the cathedral where we can see him in action.  Check out Jan's blip which shows the new consol(?) where he performs.
The organist, Lars, told us afterwards that it was so much better to play from the front because it was really uncomfortable and  exhausting to play right up in the organ, with those deep notes vibrating through your whole body!

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