After such a lovely day yesterday today was very dull, both weather wise (grey cloud and drizzle all day, with just a tiny glimmer of light at the start and end) and at work. I’d had a day of interviews cancelled a couple of weeks ago so had taken the chance to just keep it clear and work on promotions cases from home all day. A wasn’t feeling well and ended up having the day at home too so she slept all morning then pootled in the afternoon whilst I just sat and read and commented on the many tens of cases.
Apart from the excitement of listening to Arclight on Woman’s Hour and finding a heart shaped crisp in the bag at lunchtime that was all that happened. So different from the continuing nightmare in Ukraine…I spent a little while looking for blippers in Ukraine but didn’t find much that was current. Good to see Matt Frei on Ch 4 news losing his temper when interviewing a senior academic in Russia who seemed to blame everyone except Putin.
Made home made burgers for supper then an early night

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