Big milestone this Monday-night wrenching-night. I tested the new wiring harness and electronics: all passed with flying colours! (See extra too).

The wiring harness is brand new and built from scratch as I ditched 90% of the old electronics (only handle bar switches remain for an original look) and wanted to integrate this small box of marvels. It has the inputs on the left, the outputs on the right, protects all circuit against shorts thereby replacing all fuses and acts as the controller for the blinkers, the lights, the ignition, the horn and the starter. The two boxes on the top right are the starter and horn relay (they draw too much power to control directly from the box) and below that the single fuse that protects the box itself.

Coolest feature is that my phone is now my keyless start and go key. As soon as the module sees my phone via Bluetooth (max distance can be calibrated) it activates the blinkers twice. Then I can switch on ignition with a single press of the starter button and start with a second press (only possible in neutral or with the clutch lever pulled). Switching off is as simple as just pressing the starter button twice. When I then walk away the module activates the alarm automatically.

All on a 1978 bike!

Only thing left to do on the harness is taping it in, the branch of wires in the bottom left will be one single black strain. When the bike is finished you will not be able to see this, so I may have overdone it a bit on the aesthetics…

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