Read Across America

Today is Read Across America Day and so my blip is of just some of the books in this house. And when you realize how precious storage space is, you realize how precious our books are.

Plus there are the countless ebooks and audiobooks that I have. :-) And thank goodness for libraries because without them I would be bankrupt!

I read this yesterday and thought “They’re reading my mind!”

“It’s strange to me that there are people out there who when they read, only see the words on paper. In the same way, those that only see words on paper think it’s weird I disappear into my books and watch the scenes unfold. My favourite thing about reading a good book is when I actually forget that I’m reading it. When I devour words without really being aware of it. When I’m so lost in the world I’m reading about that I forget that I’m not actually there. I hear voices instead of reading them. I feel the emotions instead of imagining them. I know characters so well I forget they are just words on paper. I love and hate, I cry and laugh at paper and ink. This is the weirdest and most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.” (Donna Caldwell)

This is true enough for me that I have books that I have read over & over again because I enjoy visiting with my friends. And this goes for fiction and nonfiction alike.

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