Roy Military Survey of Scotland - Munlochy

I'm taking part in the Roy Military Survey of Scotland (1747-55) - Placename Transcription Project organised by the National Library of Scotland. This involves deciphering a handwritten place name on the older map and matching it up to a name on the 19th century map, if it exists. The name then gets a green box. Being keen on maps in general I thoroughly enjoy this challenge and try to do a few each day, but can get engrossed for hours. Each entry is then duplicated by another volunteer and if they match the name gets a blue box. The main point is to produce a searchable index of the old map. It's sobering to see how many settlements completely disappeared over the years largely due to the Highland Clearances. It's interesting to do an area one knows well but anything goes really. My favourite place name so far is Puddock Dub, for the non Scots speakers this can be translated as Frog Puddle and could apply to many parts of Scotland.

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