By Angelique


This Pulmonaria grows everywhere in this garden.  We are free in this country able to roam anywhere, like this plant.  The people in Ukraine are not..

When you see so many ordinary families leaving their belongings behind and wandering off into the unknown.  How can one human being be so selfish to inflict so much pain and suffering on innocent people.

How can he be stopped?  And as soon as we show any aggression against him he threatens war against the world.

Did you know he has Asperger Syndrome and I know what that is all about .  They have different views on people and values, completely off the wall.  When will the people of Russia wake up and realise they cannot trust this evil man who is hell bent on his own empire regardless of the cost.

I do not apologise for my words as I feel passionately about the loss of life of innocent people. Ordinary people need to stand up against evil dictators.  If I could get close enough to the evil bastard I would happily send him to permanent sleep!!

That's me said.  

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