Worn Out

Julia, Isabella and Harriet were supposed to come back to the UK yesterday. After the aircraft was delayed for 24 hours they reported to RAF Akrotiri check-in today at 10:00 for a 14;00 take-off, and another two hour delay was declared. After about 6 hours in departures, they eventually left Cyprus (Timings are approximate but not exaggerated!).  Landed, in the UK at Brize Norton, shortly at 19:20 (two hours behind Cyprus time).
An awfully long day for anyone, but doubly worse when you are only 3 years old. All three are exhausted and hungry but they are now tucked up in bed, with Granny (Marlane) in attendance.
It was just fabulous to have them run to me shouting 'Grandad, Grandad' and I was the first to get the cuddles.
They are here now for the next 18 days while Julia attends a course for something or other. She probably could tell me but I'd have to be shredded afterwards!

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