At Home

We're doing a bit of a spring clean and clear out so this morning was taken up checking wires, plugs, application instructions and other useful stuff that's never used!  So we didn't get out until 12 when we popped into town for a coffee at York's.  Stratford was pretty busy,  there were even tourists arriving by train as we passed the station.  Henley Street was beginning to look more normal too, the busker was out singing Beatles rock songs, see extras, and the cake stall outside the cafe was doing a brisk business.

On return home I made an aubergine and cauliflower curry in readiness for Emma who arrived later this afternoon with Baby Raff and lovely Luna, her cockapoo.  They are staying overnight which is a real treat.  Raffy had a great time playing with us and his toys, a joy to watch as he progresses through the months, eight months now.

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