One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

A moving scene

No, we are not getting a major revamp by a fashionable interior designer. 
The brown & cream colour scheme that has served us so well over the decades is here to stay. 
It is good to know though to know that in the Repair Factory the big bucks are spent on state of the art medical equipment rather than snazzy office chairs or subsidised canteens with 5 different types of breakfast cereals and freshly squeezed orange juice on tap. 
No, the chaos of bins bags full of crap and dumped 50s filing cabinets is the result of our Director of HR moving to the office space next door. 
I will still hear his booming voice. I will still have to laugh at his Thierry Henry jokes (who do you complain to about bullying resulting from an alleged hand ball 10 years ago when the perpetrator is the Director of HR?) 
The carpet will still be brown.
The walls will still be beige. 

Notice WuggyBear doing a cameo appearance way down there, managing to make the MFP look small. 

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