By seizetheday

Miracle of engineering

A cold frosty morning, just right for making a batch of warming soup - lentil, coriander and caraway, delicious served with a swirl of minted yoghurt. After that a 'bitty' sort of day, sorting out lots of inconsequential bits and pieces around the flat. Not much progress with re-organising the spare room though!

In the afternoon a quick tidy up in the 'yard, mostly sweeping up the soil and remains of plants chucked on to the concrete by the blackbirds. Then nipped to the pharmacy for MrM's prescription before we left for a late-afternoon walk, the Humbleton round.

On the way up to the Common we spotted this beautiful bird's nest, almost certainly belonging to a long-tailed tit.

Absolutely horrified at the way Priti Patel and our government are treating refugees from Ukraine...

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