Kaka beak
The plant’s unusual common name refers to an endangered New Zealand parrot, known locally as the kaka (Nestor meridionalis).
The flowers resemble the beak of the parrot, and both plant and parrot share the same forests together.
Clianthus, commonly known as kakabeak (kōwhai ngutukākā in Māori), is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae, comprising two species of shrubs native to New Zealand. They have striking clusters of red flowers which resemble the beak of the kaka, a New Zealand parrot. Thanks wiki etc.
These are growing outside here at Logan botanical gardens where they are in a national collection.
They and the parrot are endangered in their native New Zeeland.
A sunny but very blustery chilly wind turned wet for a few days.
Fajita or something (which turned out great had chicken, peppers etc.)for a great supper.
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