A diary of sorts

By Tempus_Fugit

Loch Tay

Long overdue* night in Kenmore with Katie. I headed down to the shore of Loch Tay in search of a blip while she did whatever it is that girls do to get ready for dinner.

It was strange to be there at such a peaceful time, normally we are there during the summer when it is a hive of activity with people eating ice-cream, enjoying the water and desperately looking for somewhere to park the car.

This added to the the sense of solitude, which is perhaps why it took be back to being a young lad, throwing and skimming stones in the failing light at the beach in Ulsta. I could almost hear the distant drone of the Bigga and the Geira's engines as they made their way across Yell Sound. Nice to be taken back somewhere even if it does make you feel old!

* We initially booked it pre-Covid. Remember those days?

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