When I snapped the first asparagus spears to appear this morning I certainly didn't think that they would become my blip. The weather went downhill and I didn't get anything better.

MrQ planted asparagus roots in a disused block of glasshouses and they produce a decent crop every year without any attention. The official start of the English asparagus season is St George's Day, 23 April but ours crop earlier being under cover. I read that Waitrose has English asparagus for sale, it is grown in coir under plastic. I noticed that a pub in the old town had asparagus on the menu for Valentine's Day, it is reputed to be an aphrodisiac. Don't suppose it had much potency after its long journey from Peru. :)

*My mother-in-law, a greengrocer, used to call asparagus grass. She loved it and told me that cats love it too.

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