The weekend arrives, so does the rain!

Pegged out the washing just before going shopping this morning - as I was getting in the car it started to rain but I thought it could blow over and since there was a fierce wind I hoped it might dry even with an odd shower so I left it and went to Tesco.
Bumped into brother Mike in Tesco and had a little chat.
Tesco was pretty quiet. Petrol is at £1:54.9 I noticed in passing - I had not looked when I filled up the other day!
Called in at mum's on the way home with something she had wanted from Tesco but didn't stay long as frozen food in the car.
When I got home almost all the washing was dry so after putting the important stuff away ie fridge and freezer item s, I went to bring in what  I could.
I had a job to get the pegs off since I'd rammed them on to prevent the clothes blowing away!
Left the damp items out a bit longer but once lunch was ready I brought the rest in as I reckoned the rain was pending. Wise decision!
Spent the afternoon cleaning the house.
This evening I've planned a caching trip to Liverpool. I will go on the train since I get it free being an oldie. Not sure when I am going - depends on the weather and family stuff.
Got my appointment booked for my shoulder injection - not till April though.

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