Whipple Dam Is Melting!

It was a fine spring day, and my husband was on the hunt for a fish dinner. He called Couch's and they did have the fish fry special, so off we went, for a nice, hot lunch, followed by a hike at Whipple Dam.

The news from there is that the ice is melting, and we strolled around enjoying the sights. I love it when there is actual water for reflections, and here you may see the lake in its mid-melt cycle. Isn't it just lovely?

T. Tiger took the opportunity to try out a little highwire act. There is a string/wire across the top of the spillway, and he stepped out onto it bravely. Then he caught a glimpse of the rushing water below. Nope! I don't think so! Maybe some other day!

My soundtrack song is Emmylou Harris, with Beneath Still Waters.

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