Baby goat!

We went and did the lovely Valley of the Rocks circular walk again today.  I was looking forward to seeing the goats, and did vaguely wonder if there might be some baby ones, but didn't really expect to see them so early in the year.  A lovely surprise!

When we got to Lee Abbey, we decided to extend the walk a bit by going down to the beach there.  Unfortunately, just as we stepped onto the beach a small yappy dog sunk its teeth into Tim's leg.  Ouch.  We then ended up cutting the walk short at the other end as he wanted to get onto the docs to check if he'd had his tetanus shots.  Their records didn't go back that far, so they said if we were at home they'd get him to come in for a tetanus booster and some antibiotics.  Once we were back at the apartment, Tim called the local GP here and they prescribed him some antibiotics (but said a tetanus shot wasn't really necessary).

Had an easy evening in after that; I cooked us a curry for dinner, and we watched a few things on iPlayer - including Witchfinder and the Young ones.

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