ALL about ME..for now

By Mobius

Instance of Magic

Gong at The Rescue Rooms with a couple of old friends (last extra) I've not seen for a while. New to me with progressive, jazz, space rock and psychedelic influences, with  Established in 1967 and with over 40 members since, similar to GSY!BE in that respect.

The lead singer had a very expressive face and hippy vibe. His joy of being there performing was clear and a few times he talked saying how "music is magic" and that music has brought us all here now for a moment in time that is now and will never be repeated and unique to all of us.

Everchanging and moving psychedelic projections behind them as pictured was part of the magic.

Skilled 5 piece band including sax & brass clarinet and a rhythm guitarist who made use of a metal rod high up the neck. Loop etc pedals galore as you'd expect.

Everchanging and moving psychedelic projections behind them 

An excellent gig, but after 2:15 mins solid playing we headed home.

Jail Bird
A welcome distraction after an emotional few days. The King's father's court case was finally heard in the afternoon, so off he's gone to jail for year or two for a white collar crime. Enzo is clearly unsettled without Felix. 

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